Resort to the LAT, or Last Resort? Panel Discussion November 2, 2016

by | Nov 7, 2016 | Panel Discussion

Now that Ontario has transitioned into a tribunal system to adjudicate SABS disputes, our Panel Discussion explored the impact on the claims department in terms of culture, costs, operational changes and their relationship with their customer.

We were thrilled with the success of our 2nd Educational Panel that continued the conversation on the topic that began in May 2014.  Our Educational Panel was led by The Honorable Justice Douglas Cunningham. Our esteemed panel brought together different perspectives within industry provoking thoughtful and collaborative discussion.


These insights are useful as we adjust to the new Dispute Resolution System (LAT). Some themes that emerged from the panel:

  • The LAT is here to stay, with room for improvement; it can achieve what was envisioned – to provide timely access to resolution in a much more streamlined system
  • Cultural shift for all stakeholders: the new system has created an opportunity to redefine how stakeholders provide their service
  • The Internal Review is an important step in mitigating outstanding issues that could be resolved prior to entering dispute
  • LAT avoidance: plaintiffs inclined not to use the tribunal system as there is no opportunity for full hearings of all relevant evidence or an award of costs
  • With an already overburdened court system, we should be exploring other means of expediting tort matters
  • There may still be room to access the courts for extra-contractual matters that would not fall under the SABS

Our tweets were captured here.  Share your experience using #LATdiscuss.

Further coverage on the topics discussed were reported by Canadian Underwriter. You can read more herehere and here.

We are looking forward to next year’s event!


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