Claim Assessment and Resolution Service (CARS)

Expedient and efficient evaluation of injury claims

High Performance Adjusting

inHEALTH specializes in claims across the entire AB or BI lifecycle, from the initial call to complex dispute resolution. We use proprietary technology to further enhance our adjusting precision and drive intelligent reporting and transparency with unprecedented resolution rates.

What makes us so effective?

Our Claim Assessment and Resolution Service (CARS) is an expedient and efficient means of evaluating injury claims. CARS combines:

Risk-Based Analysis

  • Complexities of the injured party
  • Complexities of the injury
  • Recovery in relation to complexities

A Holistic Approach to Evaluation

  • Case management techniques
  • Critical review of medical and disability evidence
  • Assessment of recovery and future needs


Claim Assessment and Resolution Services include:

Claim Assessment and Resolution Services Chart (PDF)

AB/BI Resolution Service

inHEALTH’s Claim Assessment and Resolution Service (CARS) enables clients to capitalize on resolution of AB, BI, global, and multiple party claims to reduce future expense costs. Our experience and professional relationships with all stakeholders develops settlement opportunities.

  • Prepare evaluation and summary report
  • Pursue and execute settlement opportunities
  • Conduct private mediations and settlement conferences for AB/BI

Hearing Service

CARS extends to matters already before the LAT. There is no uncertainty regarding how the conflict will be managed: adherence to our method guarantees objectivity. Throughout the life cycle of the dispute, CARS makes the case from the onset, so that both sides understand the risks associated positioning the matter for early resolution.

LAT service includes:

  • Impartial fact/situation based risk assessment/evaluation
  • Option for the preparation of LAT Application, or Response to Application
  • Case Conference Summary
  • Written Submissions/Reply
  • Relevant LAT and/or Court Jurisprudence
  • Reconsideration request/response (where required)

Tort Service include:

  • File chronicle
  • Case Evaluation/Settlement parameters
  • Mediation Memo

Specialized management of catastrophic and high-risk claims

The service includes:

  • File Review
  • s25/s44 Comparative Analysis
  • Risk Assessment
  • Claim Evaluation including settlement parameters

Administrative Support for Law Firms

The expedience and precision of CARS is an invaluable asset to counsel throughout the lifecycle of litigation. Our back office provides experienced editorial support.

Task assignments for any claims

  • Our team can handle any aspect of your investigation, quantum assessment, or claim handling

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