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The #1 Resource for Accident Benefit and Bodily Injury Disputes

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple; we believe that smart solutions come from dedicated experts. As the industry continues to evolve and new legislation creates challenges to overcome, inHEALTH’s evolution keeps pace with changing demands.

As niche experts, we bring our substantial experience and knowledge into every service we deliver. InHEALTH is committed to enhancing our customer’s injury claim environment by delivering economical and innovative solutions with the highest level of professionalism.

Our Company

inHEALTH is a boutique injury claim adjusting firm specializing in accident benefits, bodily injury claims and ADR. inHEALTH is the only resource in Ontario that provides tools and services that are designed to help insurers and legal professionals navigate the complex auto insurance scheme. Over 80% of Ontario’s auto insurers, as well as leading plaintiff and defence firms, assessment facilities, and accounting firms, subscribe to inHEALTH’s LAT research database and services, targeted Outcome Analysis Reports (OARs), continuing education courses, blog posts, and three weekly Newsletters highlighting recent developments in accident benefits dispute resolution.

inHEALTH is Canadian owned and privately held.

May Gibillini, Founder & President

May Gibillini (CIP) founded inHEALTH in 1998 seeing a unique opportunity to transform injury claim management. Both at inHEALTH and as an industry executive, she has gained insight into how to bridge the gap of technical expertise brought on by expanding new legislation. Led by May, inHEALTH has evolved into a boutique firm bringing specialized services into the marketplace.

May has over 40 years of experience in the AB/BI Canadian insurance and healthcare management market. Founder and President, licensed auto adjuster, and consultant, she is also the chief architect of inHEALTH’s technological solutions. Having created business models over the course of several legislative transitions, she has built a substantial knowledgebase of claim outcomes and analysis. Using this data, May developed a sophisticated business rules engine that forms the foundation of inHEALTH’s services.

May’s pioneering vision, coupled with her insider experience leading large-scale projects and teams of insurance and healthcare professionals, has equipped her and her team with an intimate understanding of the industry’s challenges and complexities, and the distinct ability to engineer solutions to solve problems in an ever changing environment.

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