inHEALTH’s Outcome Analysis Report (OAR)

OARs provide for and against LAT decisions for your fact situation, to inFORM your position, compare your evidence and assess your risk.

Time Savings

Save 2+ hours of research time

Cases For & Against with Outcome Summary

Professionals Using Oar Reports


OAR Report compares your fact situation to similar cases decided by the LAT.

Use OARs to Advance Your Best Case

Professionals from frontline adjusters to LAT advocates can access inHEALTH’s OAR at any stage of the claim to:

  • Become informed & authoritative
  • Present persuasive cogent & defensible arguments
  • Flag risks
  • Reduce research time
  • Become an effective & efficient file and risk evaluator
  • Allocate time and resource saved to other essential tasks

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“This is such a fantastic service. What a huge time saver for me, and quality research!”

Michelle Hatzikonstadinou, TD Insurance

“This is a wonderful service that I will be taking advantage of again. It easily saved me more than two hours of research time.”

Caroline Theriault, Intact

"The data generated in the OAR re: pro applicant vs. against applicant is also incredibly useful as it helps assess the risk of running any issue to a hearing. The content of the OAR report was also excellent. This service is a game changer for me! Thank you!”


“The OAR was extremely helpful. I really like the fact that it includes cases in favour of the Applicant and also cases in favour of the Respondent.”


“I was very happy with the service! It saved me a lot of time and provided the answers I needed in an easy-to-digest format. Great work!”


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