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inHEALTH certification is awarded to participants who successfully complete* our courses or workshop series.

Course / Workshop Series Certification
BI Fundamentals Workshops InHEALTH Certified Bodily Injury Specialist
BI Skill Building Workshops InHEALTH Certified Bodily Injury Expert
SABS 1 Core Course inHEALTH Certified Specialist in the Statutory Accident Benefit Schedule
SABS 2 Core Course inHEALTH Certified Expert in the Statutory Accident Benefit Schedule
Medical Management Skills Workshops inHEALTH Certified Minor Injury Specialist
Investigative Interviewing Workshop Certificate of Completion


*Success is determined by test scores and active participation.

Continuing Professional Development

CIP members can log inHEALTH course time to their CPD program. Legal professionals can log inHEALTH course time as Substantive Hours for the Law Society of Upper Canada CPD requirement. All lawyers and paralegals who have been practicing law or providing legal services for 2 years or more can log up to 9 Substantive Hours per year toward their 12 CPD Hours requirement.

Course / Workshop Series CPD Hours*
BI Fundamentals Workshops 30 hrs.
BI Skill Building Workshops 30 hrs.
SABS 1 Core Course 30 hrs.
SABS 2 Core Course 30 hrs.
Medical Management Skills Workshops 18 hrs.
Investigative Interviewing Workshop 7 hrs.


*Please Note: The Insurance Institute has temporarily suspended the CPD program for review. You may be able to retroactively apply course time after review.

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