Our Value

We are not your typical independent adjusting firm. inHEALTH distinguishes itself with our proven method, adjudication platform, and flexible pricing. Together, we create the solution that best meets your requirements.

The Cost-Benefits of Experience

Our experience impacts every decision we make. When you engage inHEALTH, you obtain motivated and professional experts, which translates to quantifiable cost-benefits for your organization. We know from experience how to direct energy toward value-producing activities, while avoiding inefficiencies. Our services lessen your indemnity and lower your expenses.

Our Claim Assessment and Resolution Service (CARS) is the culmination of this experience. Combining expert risk based analysis with our holistic approach to evaluation, CARS drives expense savings through expedient resolution, elimination of uncertain future costs of dispute resolution, and by filtering procedural vs. purposeful litigation.

Our innovative technology and experience allows us to handle large volumes of claims quickly and effectively. Our Intake Optimization Study [CASE STUDY] proved that applying inHEALTH’s expertise to the intake process drastically reduced the overall cost of claims for insurers.

As consultants and trainers, we share our innovative solutions, identify, and help implement short or long-term optimization strategies within your organization.

Pricing Structure

While other independent adjusting firms bill for time and expense, inHEALTH provides a flexible pricing structure based on the services required, the complexity of the case, and the size of the project. This allows clients to budget upfront and avoid uncertain costs.

inHEALTH, together with our client, determines pricing structure.

  1. Clients meet with us to discuss the project
  2. inHEALTH provides an assessment of the size and scope of the project and designs a strategy that best suits the client
  3. Clients choose from our flexible pricing structure, offering flat fee, hybrid (flat fee + time), and expenses for ancillary services, based on the services required


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